The Waking of the Guardian Women of the Earth


A beautiful manual and introduction into ecotherapy and a personal path of healing through the female medicine wheel.

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This is the time of the rising Feminine energy on our sweet Mother Earth. In primary sacred traditions all over the globe, the wands of power have been placed in the hands of the females. After thousands of years of domi‐ nant Masculine energy, the pendulum has now swung to the Feminine. And just in time, since the degraded Masculine within us all has lead to terrible damage and destruction on Earth, creating challenges to healthy and sustainable living for all beings.

The nurturing and renewing power of the Feminine is what is needed to face this crisis with love and power.

And we are not speaking just of men and women, but of ways of approaching the world. In the native way, a good man (especially a chief) used his masculine energy to lead his people, actively move in the world, protect and provide; yet just as important was that he dedicate this energy in the Feminine way – in loving service and support of the people and all of life. This latter aspect seems to be missing from our leadership today.

We women, too, are challenged in attempting to bring forth our feminine, since our whole culture is focused through the Masculine – especially in the workplace. The deep Feminine mysteries and empowerment have been lost in many cultures, and even when women began feminist movements, there was often the temptation to wear pants and act more like men to attempt to gain power. That is NOT the Feminine.

We as women have the opportunity now to go deep into our meditations, our moon lodges, our wombs, our ceremonies to !nd true Feminine power in order to serve ourselves, our families and the world in crisis.

We in the “western / dominant” cultures have the opportunity and the charge to make a critical di!erence in living healthful, harmonious, sustain‐ able, and peaceful lives. Even the Dalai Lama recently said that western women will be the saving of the world! We are Earth’s guardians….

So information like Marianne provides is vitally important as we learn to awaken the best of ourselves, relate in a sacred and supportive way with All Our Relations, and be a positive part of the upliftment of Lady Gaia into a planet of abundance, peace and beauty.

Marianne shares with me a deep conviction that ceremony and spiritual expression belong to all cultures and peoples. We are thankful to, and deeply appreciative of, what ancient and traditional indigenous cultures have preserved and shared with us, yet each person and group must #nd their own deep connection to Earth and Spirit, doing ceremony and sacred work in harmony with the spirits of their own land and the language of their hearts.

Basic to this is a profound and abiding connection with Mother Earth – understanding that we are part of the Oneness and only live well as we honor and respect this interdependence and o!er mutual support. In cere‐ mony and retreat, we step aside from our busy daily lives to #nd time and space to sense the pulsing rhythm of Earth, to smell the fragrance and pheromones of the living things around us, to be in-formed by the larger than human life in which we are immersed, and to let the intelligence of our human place lay claim to us.

As David Abram says in his wonderful book, BECOMING ANIMAL, “ (we) do not then live on the earth, but in it. We are enfolded within it.

permeated, carnally immersed in the depths of this breathing planet.” And we live well, informed by the intelligence to which we awaken.

As women, we have the deepest access to the great wisdom around us in that the veil between us and Great Mystery is thinnest when we are in our menses in rhythm with the dark of the moon. As we begin to honor the magic and power of our womb to create life and to pull to us what we need to know, we are of deep service to our family and community. We are wisdom women at a whole new and empowered level!

I commend Marianne’s words and work to you….

Brooke Medicine Eagle Montana, January 2017


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